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Repairs & Restorations

Leadlight Repair, and its predecessor Griffin Glass, have performed hundred of of repairs and restorations around Perth since 1984, always maintaining the highest levels of quality, service and punctuality.

Stained glass and leadlights are durable, but often require repair to prolong their lifespans. Because lead is malleable, older leadlights tend to weaken and rattle, leaving them prone to collapse. The panels can also become scratched and cracked due to weather and accidents, reducing their appeal and their value to your home.

Using our extensive glass-sourcing network, we can match the colours and textures of even the oldest pieces to ensure they are restored to stunning, pristine condition. Our travelling workshop can complete minor repairs on-site. Otherwise, we remove the panel and promptly return it to you.

Your asset is important to us and we take great pride in  restoring it. When you have a problem, we have the solution.

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